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Payments Details

Account Name ISED Services Bhopal
Name Punjab National Bank
Account No 1305002100019091
Branch Habibganj, Bhopal
IFSC Code PUNB0130500


Institutional (3 Participants + Stall + Banner + Advertisement)
1.Institutional 20000/-
INDUSTRY/ Government / Academia
2.Industry 3000/-
3.Government 3000/-
4.Academia 3000/-
FPO / Farmer / Cooperatives / Students
5.FPO 1000/-
6.Farmer 1000/-
7.Cooperative 1000/-
8.Student 1000/-
Individual / Startup / Research Scholars
9.Individual 2000/-
10.Startup 2000/-
11.Research Scholars 2000/-


Program Partner
1.Program Partner 500000/- each
Key Sponsorship
2.Platinum 300000/- each
3.Gold 200000/- each
4.Silver 100000/- each
Activity Sponsorship
5.Award /Activities 50000/- each


1.Fully Prepared Stall (3 Mtr * 3 Mtr) 15000/-
2.Normal Stall 10000/-
3.Open Sky 5000/-
4.Banner in Conference area 5000/-
5.Company Presentation Per Slot (10 Min.) 10000/-
6.Space in Post Program booklet (Per Page) 5000/-